The history of knitwin Co., Ltd. began in 1950 just after World War II. Katsuji Nishiguchi founded the company with a single hand-operating knitting machine. knitwin Co., Ltd. continued to develop under succession and is currently operating under third generation director Isato Nishiguchi. Today, Knitwin co,.Ltd has evolved and expanded into a sock manufacturing company housing over 130 knitting machines. Our team of professionals consists of veterans with over 50 years of experience, new generation talents in their 30s, and part-time support staff, all of whom take equal part in creating and sharing with Japan and the world socks that will change your tomorrow.

Company name / Knit Win Co., Ltd.
Address / 195-7 Kido, Katsuragi City, Nara Prefecture, 639-2161
TEL / 0745-43-5090
FAX / 0745-48-6048
Business hours / 10:00 - 17:00