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Knitwin Kutsushita Store - Free Gift Bag-


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This is free original gift bag.

* We cannot accept purchases as a single item. Please be sure to purchase with the product to be wrapped.
* When purchasing the product together with the product for home use, please enter the product to be put in the gift bag in the remarks column when ordering.

● You can put 2 pairs of thick socks and 4 pairs of thin socks in the gift bag.

● separate packing of goods, gift cards are not included.
If you would like a gift card, please use a paid gift bag.

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    Our socks are divided into four categories, based on material and design.

    The city of Boston in America is the home to many passionate local baseball fans. Like an old buddy who always stands by your side - these socks will allow lived-in comfort throughout continuous wear.
    The whole city of Prague in the Czech Republic is beautiful like stone sculptures. These socks are created with a simple weave in order for each material’s quality, texture and lustre to stand out.
  • OSLO
    The Nordic city of Oslo is well known for its art galleries, museums, and theaters. NISHIGUCHI KUTSUSHITA usually puts emphasis on simplicity when it comes to design; however these socks add a unique twist to the brand.
  • TENI
    A line of products by NISHIGUCHI KUTSUSHITA dedicated to hands: from the moment you slip your hands into them to the time you remove them, these arm covers and hand warmers, created with high quality natural materials, give you lasting comfort throughout the day.